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Conceptualized as a part of the Reformed Church of Kreuzlingen, the Open Place started out as and continues to be a place for encounters, which has been brought to life by volunteers and has become a special and beloved place thanks to their tireless efforts.

Since the Open Place opened on the grounds of the Reformed Church in Kurzrickenbach on 12 September 2014, many people have been and are heartily welcomed.

We are truly an open place, open to everyone without regard to belief, social status, or any other societal or economic divisions. In the Open Place, all persons are equal, are equally important, and find here warmth, attention, and respect.

The Open Place café offers every person - at no cost - a cup of coffee or tea, a glass of water, or a soft drink as well as a wide assortment of freshly baked goods. In the café, relationships develop. People get to know each other in a relaxed way, see each other regularly, and lend an ear or a helping hand to one other. The volunteers, as well as the pastor, Damian Brot, can give advice regarding social support in financial difficulties, as well as counseling in troubled times.

Additionally, used clothing (in excellent quality) can be purchased at an affordable price for all, as well as exchanged. Creativity can be set free in the Open Place atelier, and spiritual hunger is fed in the weekly devotion or in the bi-weekly Bible study breakfast.

Other events attracting a broad spectrum of interests take place, as well: English groups every two weeks, a monthly soup lunch, regular fairy tale as well as philosophy evenings, a flea market full of various treasures several times per year, and even an occasional art exhibition.

The Open Place offers something for everyone, but most of all, it offers a caring and open place for all - a place given to people by people.

(Übersetzung von Janet Brot)

For further information contact

Pfr. Damian Brot (Foto: Damian Brot)

Bleichestrasse 11, 8280 Kreuzlingen